Modern Milkman Delivers Almond “Mylk”

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From IconocultureWHAT’S HAPPENING
  • Angelenos have a novel option for convenience in the dairy-free milk category: The Mylkman delivers freshly made, raw almond “mylk” once a week.
  • Jeff Leaf is a (mostly) raw foodist living in Venice who prepares the non-GMO, two-ingredient drink — coconut water from freshly cracked nuts and raw, organic almonds — and delivers about 150 bottles of the nut-based nectar per week. It lasts five to six days in the fridge and is packed with protein, potassium, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin E, and is naturally gluten-free.
  • Regular customers leave their clean bottles on the front stoop for refills the following week.
  • Many WellvilleSM consumers have begun to eschew traditional dairy products in favor of plant-based beverages and cheeses.
  • Angelenos hate driving. In cities and neighborhoods where traffic is terrible, consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for saved time and the mental benefits of avoiding road rage.
  • The Mylkman: There’s a two-bottle minimum purchase; each 32-ounce container costs $14, which includes delivery. As part of Leaf’s commitment to sustainability, he charges $3 for each bottle he’s asked to replace.