Canopy Keepers Use Smartphones to Keep Trees Happy

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From IconocultureWHAT’S HAPPENING
  • The Urban Forestry Administration is supporting Washington, DC, tree lovers by hanging QR codes on newly planted trees. Passers-by scan a sapling to join the DC Canopy Keepers — a brigade of citizen volunteers who adopt newly planted trees and commit to weekly waterings through the critical first two years.
  • Canopy Keepers has been going strong. Residents have adopted 2,400 trees (, 26 March 2012) and a record 1,400 residents signed up in 2011, 200 more than the previous year (, 5 June 2011).
  • People PowerSM combined with TechnomorphingSM makes it easier than ever to be an active part of making the world a better place.
  • Urban environments are greening, with people getting their hands dirty with urban farms, green roofs, urban forestry programs and guerrilla gardening. And when it comes to nurturing something as sturdy as a tree, citizens with green thumbs know that they’re putting a fingerprint on their city’s legacy.