Let the Sunshine In: Builders Shift Their Focus to Sunrooms

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From IconocultureWHAT’S HAPPENING
  • What’s light and airy and back in demand? Sunrooms. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, 52% of builders rate sunrooms as “desirable” or “essential” (ChicagoTribune.com, 7 June 2012).
  • In fact, the sunroom outranked other specialty rooms like dens, libraries, media rooms and exercise rooms.
  • Not only does this feature use sunshine to create a spirit-lifting retreat, but it also offers a savvy fix of the indoor/outdoor aesthetic, and its well-windowed walls can make a smaller home feel more spacious.
  • Solariums are typically placed at the back of the home, but more developers, including Epcon Communities, are putting them in the front so that inhabitants can feel connected to neighborhood activities.
  • As older consumers downsize and younger consumers focus on value-oriented layouts, much attention is being paid to the utilitarian side of home planning.
  • But it’s important that the connection between design and mood receives due respect. Decor isn’t the only aesthetic player in creating an atmosphere that increases (or decreases) happiness; certain spirit-lifting features, like sunrooms, can contribute to a blueprint for a better quality of life.