National Yoga Month Inspires Change in Consumers and Business

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  • Yoga is one of the most ancient and popular exercises in the world. Its practice spans back thousands of years and has many denominations and variations. What is relatively new is National Yoga Month, honored every September and created by the US Department of Health & Human Sciences to educate the public of the various health benefits of yoga. Over 20 million Americans practice yoga, and its popularity continues to grow.
  • Launched in 2008, this relatively new initiative by the US Health Department is a part of a wider campaign to promote healthy lifestyle choices in a country whose population has surely seen healthier days. The initiative is growing each year and more people are becoming educated on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Hotels are now catching on to this hot trend and many are beginning to offer unique yoga experiences for their visitors. Travelers aren’t always on vacation and as such could benefit from the relaxing and physical benefits yoga offers. Many of the hotels offer a yoga mat with each room to encourage the practice of yoga along with a variety of classes.


  • Living a BalancedHealthy life is more than just eating right or exercising. Striving to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit may seem cliché; but they all contribute to one’s personal health portfolio. The surge in yoga’s popularity is a prime example of how consumers’ desire to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle is influencing many different categories and becoming a part of every company’s business.
  • The new influx of healthy options and opportunities in the business world is allowing consumers to make healthy lifestyle choices more often. The National Yoga Month, in lieu with yoga offerings in establishments like hotels, will hopefully have a positive impact on the lifestyle choices people make.