California Cosmetics Lovers Can Get Transparency About Toxicity Online

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  • It’s been a long time coming, but the country’s first state-run cosmetics database has finally gone live online. Mandated by law in 2005, the California Safe Cosmetics Program Product Database allows consumers to search for potentially hazardous ingredients in makeup and other personal care products.
  • As of November 2013, 475 California-based companies had disclosed ingredients in roughly 30,000 products (, 13 January 2014). Those that raise potential red flags include 900 chemicals like titanium dioxide, identified as hazardous by Proposition 65 legislation and the National Toxicology Program.
  • Consumers can search by type of product, product name or company and retrieve chemical profiles of ingredients. California-based companies must also post warning labels on products that contain potentially hazardous ingredients.

BalancedHealthy POV:

  • While a lot of focus is put on what goes INTO our bodies, less attention has been paid to what we put ON our body. While not as direct of an effect as ingesting something, these products inevitably soak into our skin and thus have effects on our bodies that should be paid attention to.
  • California can definitely be regarded as a place that drives health and wellness trends, so despite the fact that this is only happening in one state, because it’s happening in California, there’s a greater likelihood that this may start catching on nation-wide – any why not? This only benefits consumers and adds transparency to the beauty industry. Strides have already been made on the brand side with companies producing and introducing new products, such as Physician’s Formula, that aim to tackle this problem on the opposite end.
  •  This is an evolution of a few different trends.  The first one is that people are taking a more preventative approach to healthcare.  This means avoiding things with harmful additives and approaching food and products with the mindset of ‘natural’. People prefer things to be just the way Mother Nature intended them to be, when possible.  This is also playing into the idea of local. We mean this not in the sense that makeup needs to be local, but more so the implications that local has – artisan, fresh, natural, etc. We believe this will be a valuable resource to round out the efforts consumers are making to live a healthy and natural lifestyle.