eMeals Planning Service Eases Dinnertime Stress For Busy Parents

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  • Plenty of parents know that planning meals at the beginning of the week can be a major time and money saver. But eventually, they lose motivation, burn out on ideas or can’t find smart ways to maximize leftover ingredients. A new online menu-planning service called eMeals aims to take on more of the responsibility, sending weekly customized meal plans and aisle-by-aisle shopping lists right to their customers’ email inboxes (MoneyCrashers.com, 27 December 2013).
  • Consumers choose a plan based on the size of the crowd they regularly feed, grocery chain where they usually shop and their preferred style of eating, with pre-set examples including gluten-free, simple gourmet and slow-cooker-centered menus.
  • Though parents are inundated with choices when it comes to family-friendly recipes online, eMeals offers the distinct advantage of guiding consumers all the way through the planning and shopping process, even on a store level.
  • The subscription-based service is sold in 3-, 6- or 12-month blocks and breaks down to about $1.25 to $1.75 per week.

BalancedHealthy POV:

  • Saving time and money are big advantages, but taking an even closer look through the lens of BalancedHealthy, planning out meals in advance also allows you to have complete control over the healthfulness of the meal.  It also prevents you from succumbing to another unhealthy avenue – the nearest drive-thru – to put a meal on the table.
  • Not only does this service help to cut down on cost/time and boost flexibility/healthfulness, it also cuts down on food waste. Roughly one-third of food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted, a poignant reminder that tools like these can help us to utilize our leftover ingredients and contribute to cutting down on food waste.
  • Give it a shot because you’ll save way more than $2 per week in time, energy, good sustainability vibes, and pure cost when it comes down to it.