All the Rave: Fitness Raves Bring Back the ‘90s Club Atmosphere

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  • Fitness fads are quickly taking over, with options like Aqua zumba, voga (voguing and yoga) and booze-infused workouts. Now, exercise rooms are fusing with the nightclub energy to create a new type of workout.
  • Clubbercise is a pop-up fitness party for those that prefer a night of dancing overtime at the gym. These classes recreate the high-energy club vibe, with a dim room, neon lights and a 90’s inspired playlist offering dance, house, rave and EDM genres. There are instructors that teach choreographed routines incorporating glow sticks.
  • Ravercise is another option for the dance-inspired fitness individual. They claim to be a “healthy midweek rave” offering participants the chance to let loose and get a little crazy. Classes are held in a Shoreditch bar, while professional dancers lead the interval workouts and a DJ keeps the music inspiring.
  • Sweaty Betty Frame Rave is a British athletic brand that just expanded to NYC. The company holds free in-store classes via their “Get Fit 4 Free” campaign. Their Frame Rave is a high-intensity workout inspired by the popular rave culture.

BalancedHealthy POV:

  • This high energy and fun workout option would be the perfect fit for our BalancedHealthy segment of Endorphin Junkies. Regardless, this will likely attract droves of young consumers who want the most bang for their buck by killing two birds with one stone – dancing and being social while working out. Rave fitness is a new niche, just as mud runs and other non-traditional obstacle courses and 5ks were not long ago. The great thing about these types of events is that in order to participate, there are no previous techniques or lessons required. What to bring: dancing shoes and a good attitude.
  • The prevalence of these types of events show that people don’t want the monotony of a static gym workout anymore, and they’ll go out of their way to find events that blend fun, being social and being healthy. While a bit gimmicky, this has the potential to stick, as people search out not just alternative workout methods, but also the merit badges that come from not only being healthy, but also of participating in unique, one-of-a-kind events.
  • With a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming environment, those that are not the gym junkie type have a place to participate and perspire. Raves have become increasingly popular over the past few years and different product categories are taking notice and jumping on board. By marketing these exercise classes as a party or dance as well as a workout session, they are appealing to a number of different types of people. While gyms and boot camps can be intimidating, these classes emphasize their good music and upbeat vibe.