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New smart devices track daily habits to improve general well-being.

  • Millennials have been stereotyped as the “Me Me Me Generation” and referred to as “deluded narcissists” however, their mirrored focus has contributed to new personalized technologies. These advances have the capability to track and quantify a person’s daily habits with the goal of improving overall health and well-being.
  • One such product is the Vessyl. After seven years of development, the Vessyl, a smart cup that tracks a person’s liquid intake, is taking pre-orders. The cup houses sensors that measure and classify the liquid being consumed through molecular analysis, breaking measurements into calories, sugar, protein and caffeine. This data is then logged into an app, where the user customizes their profile with goals. Further, Vessyl offers a feature called Pryme, which calculates the user’s real-time hydration level and alerts the user when it’s time to hydrate.
  • Darma, another Millenial-inspired technology, was created to combat back and health problems caused by long periods of sitting. Five years of researching fiber-optic sensor technology allowed Darma’s creators to develop this thin, highly sensitive sensor that records the user’s micro-movements. Darma studies the user’s body motion and alerts the individual when it is time to move. The device is further capable of monitoring heart rate, respiration, posture and stress levels to provide a more full health summary. Darma corresponds to an app, which alerts and recommends appropriate activities based on the user’s individual problem.
  • Cone was created for the musical millennial, looking for a device that can predict their taste. The Cone is the first product from San Francisc0-based startup team Aether and has been donned the “thinking” speaker. It uses an intricate algorithm that is able to analyze a user’s musical habits and therefore forecast their preferences. The device then learns its owner’s habits, like listening to NPR in the kitchen with breakfast followed by classical music in the evening. Cone also has the capability of customizing a playlist on a rainy day.

BalancedHealthy POV:

  • One thing that is very apparent is that Millennials are driving the need and demand of new and innovative products to meet their specific desires. While many would say that this stems from the groups’ self-involved and narcissistic nature, in our opinion that sells them short.  Our research has led us to uncover specific values that are relevant to this group, and the ones particularly applicable in this case are ambition, challenge, change, expertise, purpose and happiness. The common thread with those specific values is that they all allude to a more intricate picture than simply being self-involved. We feel that focus on the self is done with the purpose of being or becoming better – but what that might mean to a specific individual will vary. Whether it’s mental, physical or emotional health, pursuing unique interests, finding ways to contribute to the world, this group is constantly trying to improve. They are seeking things that make them feel good, but are also not afraid to challenge themselves to grow. They have a comfort level with things that aren’t static. This helps to explain their openness to innovation and better products that will help them fulfill their desire for improvement and happiness.
  • With a market size of 75.7 million and an average household income of $60,613, Millennials are quickly becoming the generation to market to. One millennial trait that makes the market promising for new technologies, is that they prefer brands that offer ways to help them, rather than just targeting them. Brands that are finding ways to fit into the millennial lifestyle and make life easier by solving a real problem are finding success.