A Humorous Campaign for ThinkThin Urges Consumers to Skip the Guilt

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  • ThinkThin High Protein Bars are centering their latest campaign around the concept of not feeling guilty for indulging in ‘sweet treats’. This is the brand’s first significant national effort, as well as being their advertising agency’s first big campaign. The estimated budget for ThinkThin’s campaign is over $9 million.
  •  The campaign takes a humorous strategy in order to expand its audience. ThinkThin’s advertisements will include commercials on television and online, print, digital and mobile ads, as well as a social presence through Facebook and Twitter. All ads via various channels will promote their slogan: thinkPositive.
  • ThinkThin’s campaign is the most recent of high-protein product marketing, however many more companies are also adjusting their advertising budgets to reflect the growing consumer interest of increasing protein intake. Other products on the high-protein list that have seen spikes in customer interest include Greek yogurt, cereal and nuts.
  • The first ad of the campaign begins with a young man, running and attracting the attention of three women at an outdoor cafe. After ogling the young man, one of the women looks shocked and embarrassed. The runner says, “Hi, Mrs. Adams. Hey, say hi to Brian for me. O.K., bye.” To finish, a female announcer declares: “There are lots of things to feel guilty about. ThinkThin isn’t one of them. Twenty grams of protein. Zero sugar. Zero guilt.” The campaign’s message “thinkPositive” then appears on screen.
  • Although, the campaign has already met some friction with Facebook and YouTube users, there has been more positivity than negativity in response to the campaign. One YouTuber commented, “Your commercial is so sexist! Since when should women be ashamed about checking out a younger man?” However, the positive feedback outweighs this, with comments such as, “Win” and “Ha-ha” as well as arguments against the negative words.

BalancedHealthy POV:

  • Approaching consumers with an edge of comedy has proven to be an effective way of gaining attention. The Super Bowl, for example, always goes for funny. Approximately 67% of ads each year try to approach their ads in a comedic way; 2014 was no different, and 6 of the top 10 ads employed the ‘funny’ strategy.
  • On the other hand, ThinkThin is taking their product in a new direction in comparison to their competitors. Rather than marketing it as a diet product, or as a high-protein snack, ThinkThin is emphasizing the “snack-ability” of their products. With so many things to feel guilty about, eating a ThinkThin bar is not one of them.
  • The positioning of their protein bar as a guilt-free snack, rather than a diet product, allows ThinkThin to use a tone of voice that is empowering. Further, their latest ads are paired with the phrase “thinkPositive” which really emphasizes their standpoint as a guilt-free brand.