First Wearable Device for Seniors Keeps Tabs on Their Health

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  • Most fitness trackers are intended to aid individuals that are self-aware and relatively healthy to lose weight. However, Tempo, a new device by CarePredict, is used for monitoring seniors’ movements and alarming a caregiver when something is potentially wrong. The wristband doubles as a watch and logs the user’s daily activity. Currently, Tempo is listed on Fundable for $169 and is looking for supporters.
  • The wearable device identifies early warning signs of health issues that usually begin as sudden changes in behavioral patterns. For example, if a user who loves cooking is spending less and less time in the kitchen over a given time period, it may indicate a depressive state.
  • CEO of CarePredict, Satish Movva, says, “There was nothing out there for seniors that takes into account their state of health and age-related limits on behaviors and activities. General-purpose fitness trackers lack context and do not provide anything useful other than the number of steps and quality of sleep.”
  • Tempo works with sensors in each room that communicate the user’s movement throughout their home. This information is shared to a hub that is able to analyze it and send a notification to the caretaker’s mobile device.
  • Movva continues to say, “Fitness trackers record steps and maybe quality of sleep and others monitor respiration, brain waves or clinical vitals such as heart rates, but they don’t stitch together a cohesive picture of the person or use machine learning to understand what’s ‘normal’ for an individual and look for deviations from that. We want to change that.”

BalancedHealthy POV:

  • With the Matures generation continuing to age and the older Boomers entering their later years, more products that are aimed at these older age groups are bound to enter the market.
  • Tempo has taken the concept of a wearable device/activity tracker and evolved it into an age-specific health monitor. A product like this is aimed at both the Boomer and Matures directly, as well as their children.
  • Although Tempo is still in the funding step, we believe that with a strong marketing strategy and some methodical targeting, it will succeed. Products like Life Alert are very straightforward however, they may be too simplistic. A complex and innovative product such as Tempo has a spot to fill in the healthcare category. If the company targets the potential consumers in the appropriate ways, there will be a high demand for a Tempo device among seniors.
  • With younger generations looking for personalization and value in their investments, Tempo is definitely a product that would interest them.