Consumers Sporting Active-wear Daily

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  • With many different types of fitness regimes these days, it can seem necessary to find the proper workout attire for each activity. Millennials, Gen Xers and younger Baby Boomers are embracing the comfort of athletic apparel by wearing it on a daily basis, even if they have no intention of working out.
  • Consumers’ interest in athletic wear is more than just a fad. Since 2012, women have shaped this trend, but now there is an increase in brands expanding into casual men’s activewear. In May 2014, Topman added a 20 piece sportswear collection that included jackets, shirts, pants and sweatshirts. The Topman sportswear collection is priced between $24- $80.
  • 93% of buyers who purchase activewear will wear the apparel for an activity other than working out. (, 14 May 2014). Why are consumers constantly wearing activewear, even though they quite often have no intention to exercise? Consumers want to give the impression to others that they frequently work out and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Consumers can be seen wearing workout apparel because they want to be comfortable in flattering clothing when doing other activities. The rise in stylish athletic apparel is also a testament to the fact that consumers want the convenience of a flattering and practical outfit that can be worn all day, even after low key exercises such as Yoga and Pilates.


  • Wearing workout clothes has become much more than a functional thing – it has now spanned to become a cultural statement. We have said from day one that more people would rather be considered healthy than wealthy, and this is a testament to that. Consumers will continue to desire products that make them look, feel or even inspire them to be active, whether that’s a fitness tracking bracelet, a smartwatch that tracks body stats or functional/stylish workout clothes.
  • In order to live a Balanced Healthy lifestyle, it is important to have the confidence to try something new. Starting the day off by wearing a fashionable and comfortable athletic outfit may just give someone the motivation they need to go to that aerobics class later on in the day. Everyone from a new yoga student to the savvy fashionista can gain self-confidence by wearing flexible and flattering athletic apparel on a daily basis.
  • It may be the case that more often than not, people are wearing workout clothes when they have no intention of working out, however, wearing these types of clothes may make them more open to the idea of being physically active, should they be provided the opportunity.
  • The rise in athletic apparel is a great example of how men and women are interested in living a more active and healthy lifestyle. With a wide variety of activewear to choose from, consumers can strive to make exercise a part of their weekly routine, regardless of what they’re doing.


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