No Alcohol Necessary: Sober Experiences on the Rise

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  • Pregame parties, after-work happy hours, and college campus environments can make sobriety a difficult path to choose for some consumers. Others have no problem striving for an overall sense of wellness by being more mindful of their consumption. But how does this affect their social lives?
  • There has been a shift in some young adult’s lifestyles toward maintaining a healthy balance in their consumption of meat, fat, sugar – and even alcohol. Consumers who have decided to live this healthier, sober lifestyle often struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out) and because of this, opt to be the designated driver. This FOMO causes consumers to still participate in social events while happily maintaining their alcohol-free lifestyle.
  • Choosing sobriety to help live an all-around healthier life isn’t only trending among the college-aged demographic. There is an emerging community of sober partygoers within New York’s alternative club circuit striving to have a good time while remaining completely energized and mindful of their bodies. They attend events like The Get Down at Cielo, a dance club drawing in approximately 250 partygoers who drink turmeric elixirs, healthy energy drinks, instead of alcohol.
  • For the consumer who considers themselves more of a morning person, no worries, early morning raves are on the rise. Events like Morning Gloryville and Daybreaker get those early birds on the dance floor before 7 a.m. and replace alcohol with a nice energizing cup of coffee.
  • We are now seeing sober groups from on social media like the Clean Fun Network, CFN. These bring like-minded people together promoting fun trips and events to help build healthy communities.

Balanced Healthy POV:

  • A lot of young consumers crave a healthy life balance, and while this may or may not include cutting out alcohol 100%, they are seeking experiences that don’t rely on alcohol for a good time.
  • If they have made the choice to cut out alcohol completely, they still don’t want to be left out of their non-sober counterparts activities. They’re choosing to partake in a social life, but don’t want to feel punished by clubs, bars, and restaurants for not drinking. Therefore, providing healthy alternatives or even mocktails will keep these consumers happy and coming back to your business for a good time.


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