Healthy Office Eating Services on the Rise

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Office dwelling Americans often find themselves eating multiple and possibly all meals at work. As workplace wellness initiatives are on the rise, services that offer healthier eating practices are popping up.

New York-based Euphebe delivers healthy food straight to your office’s kitchen. A subscription comes with an initial 28-day plan that offers multiple nutrient-filled meals and snacks. The best part is they require little to no preparation. Food trucks deliver the meals straight to major corporate offices. This could definitely be a brighter alternative to waltzing down to the neighborhood McDonalds. Another such service, LeanBox places nutritious options rite in the office. The company simply places refrigerators that vend carefully selected, healthy, organic, and even local food in the convenience of the office space. These options range from microwaveable meals to afternoon snacks.

Undoubtedly many consumers are interested in becoming more health conscious. The struggle to stay healthy is often hindered by unhealthy convenience foods. Initiatives like the ones described above strive to make healthy eating convenient.

Source: Iconoculture