Millennials Exiting their Small House Phase in the Name of Sex!

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For several years tiny houses have been in. This trend was driven by downsizing boomers. In fact, 40% of tiny-homeowners are over 50, according to the National Association of Realtors (, 28 September 2015). College kids have also been leading proponents, as they seek interesting alternatives to dorms. 16-year-old Sonoma, CA teen received tremendous coverage for his self-built 130 square-foot home designed for sustainability.  Tiny House Hunters on HGTV actually has an entire reality show devoted to tiny abodes.

It appears that not all millennials are interested in the downsizing trend. Small homes have a drawback according to The Toast’s Jaya Saxena. She pointed out that “People in Tiny Houses Can’t Have Sex.” She hilariously claimed that the limited floor and ceiling space can make sex problematic (18 April 2016). Utilizing HGTV stills to visualize her points, Saxena stated “Imagine you’re having sex up there and you hit your head because you 100% will. And then in that still-horned-up, banged-head support, you have to CLIMB DOWN A LADDER” (, 18 April 2106).

A possible decline in small homes on the horizon, due to the effect on one’s sex life? Let us know what you think!

Source: Iconoculture