Consumer Satisfaction with Healthcare On the Rise As Providers Look to Meet Higher Consumers Expectations

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Consumers are finally warming up to the idea of managing their healthcare policies. According to a member health plan study by J. D. Power and Associates, member satisfaction improved 10 points from 2014 to 2015, and another 9 points from 2015 to 2016. Factors ranging from coverage and benefits to communication and customer service all point to the idea that consumers like to evaluate their options.

Consumers’ expectations for extensive coverage and benefits options, as well as exceptional customer service and communication, is pushing carriers to up their game. Research experts say that regional competition among health plans is favoring policy holders because it forces providers to work harder to keep customers satisfied.

A big part of this shift in consumer expectation can be linked to increased exposure to information. With healthcare plan information becoming increasingly digitalized, consumers can now read and understand their policy information at any time, from anywhere. Companies like Amazon and USAA are also driving consumer expectations for companies to deliver products and information quickly and to communicate in an efficient and personable manner.

With providers working hard to keep customers satisfied, it’s likely that the improved efficiencies will cause a positive ripple effect across all areas of healthcare.


Source: Iconoculture