Older Consumers More Focused on Their Health

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Health and wellness is no longer confined to just physical or mental health activities. While a majority of consumers believe they eat healthy (73%), get exercise (74%), and get enough sleep (70%), 78% of consumers say they spend time with family and friends to maintain good mental health, a 7% increase since 2011. Consumers are also looking to unplug from technology to and social media for the sake of their mental health.


According to Iconoculture, 75% of older Boomers say they are focused on doing all that they can to prevent illness and issues in the future, including taking care of their mental health. Half of Gen Xers and Millennials, on the other hand, deal with health problems when they arise. Gen Xers specifically may have a harder time getting on the wellness track. The MDVIP Health & Longevity Survey found that a third of Gen Xers avoid going to the doctor, unless they find out something is wrong. And even when they do go, Gen Xers tend to ignore the doctor’s advice because of the inconveniences of dieting and exercising. Although Gen Xers and Millennials may not see as much of a preventative need as older consumers, as technology continues to advance and tools become more readily available, wellness can easily be worked into a person’s lifestyle.


Source: Iconoculture