Millennials are Stressed Out!

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Afraid they’ll be labeled as noncommittal slackers, Millennials are finding themselves burnt out from all the stress they’re carrying around. They’re afraid to take days off, for the fear of being judged, and those who are able to escape their work for a few days to take a vacation end up getting shamed by their Millennial peers. (An impressive, yet sad, 42% of young employees admit to shaming their colleagues for taking vacation days!) Stressed out Millennials feel burdened by excessive workloads and unreasonable deadlines, and 22% fear that work-life balance is an impossible goal.

Almost 64% of employees under 34 feel overwhelmed at work every day, compared to 59% of Gen Xers and 39% of Boomers, even though older employees are trying to balance kids, mortgages, and aging parents. Millennial women are especially vulnerable to work-induced stress, with nearly 75% feeling pressure to over-perform.

Whether it’s because Millennials are having a more difficult time managing their workloads, or the culture of their work environments are putting excessive pressures on them, Millennials are finding it hard to escape.


Source: Iconoculture