New Tech: Edible Gelatin Robots May Illuminate Some Bigger Problems Connected to Overall Health and Wellness

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For most of modern medicine, addressing digestive health issues has been a guessing game. With the progression of technology in products like PillCam, we have been illuminating the mysterious world of the human digestive system.

Now, we may have a more concrete solution as researchers from Intelligent Systems Laboratory in Switzerland have begun work on an edible gelatin robot. This robot was designed to help carry other ingestible tech, such as batteries, cameras, and chips, through the intestinal tract to help with diagnoses. How does it work? Chemical reactions, air, and liquids will move the gelatin actuator as it delivers medicine or provides stability to the intestines. Even though it will be carrying various micro-electronics, the actuator is fully edible.

A substantive body of research is being assembled in the field of digestive health as common health problems, such as low energy and general wellness, are being increasingly linked to problems in the gut. Consumers can remove the guessing element when it comes to their digestive health with this new technology.


Source: Iconoculture