Adventures Aren’t Just for the Young

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Millennials aren’t the only ones with wanderlust. In fact, older men and women over 60 have caught the travel bug too, and they’re chasing after bucket-list adventures! Plans of leisure trips for those who may be retired are increasing; more than 75% of Boomers already know where they will be traveling in the next year. Many are looking forward to visiting exotic countries on their bucket lists, and 32% are planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip in 2016. Older men and women are also making trips driven by nostalgia, eager to revisit hometowns and places they used to go when they were younger. Many are bringing their younger families along to share their experience with.

It’s not only the attraction of adventure that pulls them away from everyday life, but because they understand the healing power of nature and exploration. Boomers are going outdoors, traveling through national parks and visiting beautiful beaches. Half-day and day-long outings led by other experienced Boomers have attracted those longing for exploration, from hikes to kayaking. Some Boomers have even flocked to lakeside camps that evoke childhood memories. Summer camps like Camp Ocoee in Tennessee offer plenty of nostalgia, from canoeing to roasting marshmallows, all without sacrificing grown-up amenities at the comfy, air-conditioned lodge equipped with WiFi and TVs.

Encouraging aging individuals to take part in these adventures, whether short or long, can lift spirits and cultivate joyfulness. With all the stressors and responsibilities we have in life, taking a trip away from it all will help build fun experiences and new memories.


Source: Iconoculture