Consider Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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Earlier this year, TIME put out an article specifically calling out the health benefits of one of our favorite spices: cinnamon. Research from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology lead researchers to believe that cinnamon is more than a blood sugar controller, and rather a “metabolic powerhouse”.

For some time, diabetics have been told that a bit of cinnamon here and there may help prevent blood sugar spikes, but now researchers believe they can boost your metabolism too. Just small quantities, like what you might use when cooking or seasoning food, is all you will need. Other benefits range from anti-aging effects to lower cholesterol.

Before you take off and purchases pounds of this spice (and take on another round of the cinnamon challenge), this researcher hasn’t been published quite yet. Those with liver problems or allergies should hold off on consuming too much cinnamon. But if you’re looking to add a little bit of flavor, small amounts added to your diet might also do your body some good. Try sprinkling some cinnamon to oatmeal, toast, roasted squash, and more!


Source: Iconoculture