Video Games Treating Mental Health

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Asking your children to play video games? Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to Introduce you to digital medicine. A Boston based tech company is working with UCSF to create a mobile game that could potentially be prescribed as a treatment for children suffering from ADHD (, 25 July 2017).

Brain-training collaboration games such as Project: EVO will be the subject of FDA rigors just like any other drug or medical service in the US. While the efficacy of “brain-training” has been called into question by the scientific community, proponents point to a “growing body of evidence” that demonstrates that cognitive-training improves cognitive functioning in everyday life (, 25 July 2017).

ADHD aside, it has been proposed that games like Project: Evo could help treat other brain disorders such as autism, depression, Alzheimer’s and more, according to the optimistic game developers. The cognitive games have managed to incorporate physical movement, perhaps with the aim of appealing to parents who don’t want their children glued to the screen. It will be interesting to see how this possible new treatment develops. Does this concept sit well with you? We would love to hear your thoughts on this potentially ground-breaking treatment.