Consumers Want Positivity, Not Apologies

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It’s okay to use the f-word at times: fat. Consumers are tired of avoiding it as something negative, and instead are embracing their shape and their practical descriptor. A movement to reclaim “fat” is led by several authors and influencers. Author Roxane Gay recently tweeted, “When you interpret [the word ‘fat’] as an insult, you reveal yourself and what you fear most.” Influencers are posting photos of themselves on Instagram to empower other women, encouraging them to be confident with the body they have.

Marie Southard Ospina published an essay in Self Magazine explaining how her body “became a source of shame, because that’s how everyone seemed to interpret it.” She pointed out that the word “fat” was used as an insult and would constantly bring negativity. But she is now reclaiming the word “fat” as an accurate descriptor.  “My body is fat. I am fat. These are not insults. They’re undeniable facts, and they don’t negate my worth,” she explained. She no longer trusts what the word connotes to everyone else, but what it actually means for her.

There’s been plenty of counter arguments, but these full-figured women aren’t busy fighting back. Instead, they’re choosing to ignore hateful speech and responding with more positivity. Reframing the word is their personal choice. They’re not going to let haters get into their heads!


Source: Iconoculture