Gyms Alleviate Workout Burnout with Restorative Programs

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Moderation is key, especially when it comes to fitness. While sticking to a good workout routine has physical and mental benefits, there are issues that can arise. With this is in mind, a new trend has risen. In an era of hardcore workout regimens, some fitness centers are pushing restoration programs. (, 14 September 2017).

According to Darby Brender, owner of Fusion Fitness in Kansas City, MO “We get so consumed with the need to burn calories and build muscle, that we forget to give our body the benefit of stretching,”. As a proposed solution, Fusion Fitness launched The Stretch Lab, a program that aims to help the mind and muscles relax.

Tone House in New York City, another hub of hardcore training, recently implemented a comprehensive recovery program. The initiative offers services such as ice baths and physical therapy. But the strain isn’t just on the body, the stress of typical gym nuisances is also being examined.

Denver-based CorePower Yoga hopes to alleviate the stress of overpacked class schedules that demand long-term commitment. Amy Opielowski, senior manager at CorePower stated: “We do our best to accommodate people on a walk-in basis,”. CorePower has gone as far as implementing a no sign-up policy in the hopes of providing flexibility.

Source: Iconoculture