CVS implements Scriptpath in order to keep prescription patients on track

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Juggling multiple prescriptions can be tricky for patients. According to CVSHealth “More than 50 percent of Americans take two prescription medications, and 20 percent of Americans take five or more prescription medications.” CVSHealth also noted that complex medication regimens can lead to a decrease in medication adherence. With this in mind, CVS has introduced Scriptpath in an attempt to help patients manage their medication.

Back in 2015, CVS took over the pharmacies at Target stores. As such, the ClearRx system which featured smart color-coded bottles with easy-to-read directions would no longer be available. This threw patients and shoppers for quite the loop. CVS recognized the problem and tasked CLearRX designer Deborah Adler, with developing a solution.

Adler ended up producing a simple but effective strategy for Scriptpath, a stark contrast to the increasingly high tech prescription solutions. Essentially, pharmacists will flag patients that take five or more prescriptions to enroll in one-on-one counsel. This extra human touch could be very beneficial to patients trying to stay on top of their meds. While pill box design is important, interfacing directly with an expert is obviously quite beneficial. In addition, all shoppers will be offered a single-sheet prescription calendar designed by Adler (available in English and Spanish). This could be an excellent visual representation for those with dense schedules. A quick calendar check could be the difference between receiving vital medication and not.

While the prescription bottle design will stay the same, the pharmacy will start adding labels featuring calendars that match the take-home calendar sheets designed by Adler. Hopefully, Scriptpath will help cut down on the widespread medication error.