No Shave November a Healthy Practice?

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Are you taking part in No Shave November? Congratulations! You may not know this, but No Shave November isn’t just an excuse to slack on your personal grooming. According to the official website, No Shave November is a non-profit dedicated to cancer awareness and fundraising. In addition to supporting a good cause, not shaving your beard actually has several health benefits.

Beards can serve as protection from the sun’s UV rays and can help prevent cancer. A research study conducted in Australia –the continent with the most incidence of skin cancer globally according to NBC news— had some compelling findings regarding beards and sun protection. The study found that full facial scruff could reduce UV exposure by up to 95 percent. To put things in perspective, the protection received from sunscreen is only 30 percent. Forgoing shaving can also help prevent acne, razor rash, and folliculitis, according to dermatologist Dr. Shannon C. Trotter.  Finally, Dr. Clifford W. Bassett notes that beards are the first line of defense for our nostrils. Basset explains that bigger beards act as a trap for allergens and help keep them out of our system.

Based on the research, not shaving this November will benefit your personal health and support a good cause. You may even want to think twice before rushing to the razor when November ends.