The Healing Power of Music

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We have all heard the phrase “you are what you eat” but what if we said, “you are what you listen to?” It’s true; in fact, research indicates that music can have a very strong effect on one’s health. One of the areas of health that music affects most is your mood. This is why many any athletes utilize music to get fired up for a game. There is a reason why when you take a look around the gym nearly everyone is wearing earphones. Music can induce an array of emotions. Want to test this? Take your favorite scene from any movie and watch it without the music, or perhaps try playing the scene with different music. See what we mean? Music has the ability to influence one’s emotional state. But the benefits of music don’t end there. What if we told you that music therapy could actually help you heal?

According to The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) music therapy can be used to treat emotional, cognitive, social, and even physical needs of individuals. So how exactly does this work? The AMTA states that after assessing a patient’s needs an array of treatments can be implemented. These treatments range any wear from listening to music to creating music. So, what does the data have to say on the topic? According to a study back in 2009, relaxing music can reduce anxiety more than orally administered midazolam. It looks like music is outdoing medication in some respects. Many people probably have a playlist ready to go to help counter stress, but just how powerful can music’s stress reduction be? According to the same study referenced earlier, music intervention should be utilized as a stress reduction method for patients that have undergone cardiovascular surgery.

As more long-term data is collected it will be interesting to see how music therapy develops. With so many individuals seeking wholesome healing methods, music therapy could be an extremely effective option. It seems the renowned saxophonist Albert Ayler was on to something when he famously stated: “Music is the healing force of the universe.”