Gut Health Predicted to Be Top Trend of 2018

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Food and beverages created to improve gut health were among the top health trends of 2018 as predicted by The Values Institute (TVI), a leading national consumer research entity out of Southern California. Fermented foods, cultured dairy products, and probiotic-filled dishes are among several foods and drinks that are expected to continue to see growth in popularity and use as Americans begin mainstreaming their gut health this coming year.

Kombucha was one of the most popular GI-friendly drinks this past year, and TVI anticipates even more people will be hopping on the “booch bandwagon” in 2018 as craft brewers make the fizzy drink more niche with craft offerings prioritizing product quality and the artistry behind the making.

Interest in non-inflammatory foods also piqued in 2017 as growing bodies of research showed many chronic illnesses were tied to the food put in the body. Not only did people start seeking more non-inflammatory foods (such as leafy greens, nuts, and olive oil), non-inflammatory spices (such as turmeric and ginger) started becoming more mainstream in everyday meals too.

As more health problems are tied to the types of food and drink people are consuming, more people are wanting to increase their awareness of what they’re consuming to better inform their eating decisions, with the hope of extending their good health.

Source: Business Wire