Hawaiian Food Finds Its Place at the Table in 2018

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In the time where consumer trends forecasters everywhere are predicting the top trends for 2018, there was one food item from 2017 that has practically unanimous agreement on predicted growth for the new year – Hawaiian food.

Poke, a dish consisting of sliced, marinated fish served over rice or greens, was popping up in restaurants everywhere in 2017 and is expected to grow immensely in 2018 as chefs and food artists look for new ways to prepare and serve it. Bloomberg news reported that over 300 Hawaiian restaurants have opened in just the last two years, but increasingly the dish is being served at restaurants serving all kinds of foods. Business Insider has called poke the biggest fast casual food trend, attributed mostly to its rapid rise to popularity in major foodie cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

Expect to see more Hawaiian dishes in the mainland this year, including malasadas (eggy donuts), Loco Moco (a a fried egg stacked on a hamburger patty and sticky rice, topped with gravy), and traditional meats replaced by Spam.

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