Kava Provides a Healthier Alternative for Coffee Drinkers

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Coffee continues to be the beverage of choice for countless working professionals all over the nation. In fact, over 50% of all Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day (E-importz, 2017). As the days drag on, a quick trip to the coffee machine helps people stay focused. Because coffee can induce unwanted jitters, cause an upset stomach, increase the chances of insomnia, and contains high levels of caffeine, Kava appears to be a less invasive option for some.

According to Iconoculture (2017), Kava beverages come from a ground psychoactive bitter root (Kava Kava) native to Polynesia that is known for its muscle-relaxing and calming properties. These effects appear to be quite beneficial for those looking to step away from their coffee streaks and sip on something less powerful. The drink is typically served in an opened coconut shell that is visually pleasing, but most Kava bars seem to be serving the drink in a more modernized cup. Avid Kava drinkers suggest that the drink has a much more relaxing feel to it than a standard cup of coffee. This also helps to avoid a clouded mindset any given time after the drink is consumed. Kava also does not regularly induce the previously discussed side-effects that coffee does.

Although Kava is seeing increasing popularity, coffee shops still are the top contender. An important thing to note is that Kava bars are still in the development stage in America; only about 100 Kava bars currently exist in the nation (New York Times, 2017). If you cannot find a local Kava shop, KavaMarketPlace.com and Kava.com are helpful resources to use for purchasing products. According to Perfect Daily Grind (2017), coffee consumption, brewing, production, and innovation all continue to improve year after year. There seems to be no sign that the classic beverage of choice is slowing down anytime soon.