Lolistraws – A Great Option to Help Cut Down Plastic Consumption

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Each year, plastic consumption continues to increase, yet there has been no sustainable solution for plastic waste management. In fact, 2.4 million tons of plastic is discarded in the U.S. every year (The Balance). With this much plastic being developed, we see it flooding our streets, covering landfills, and traveling to our oceans and damaging the wildlife. Fortunately, a company called Loliware has created a product to help reduce waste of one especially problematic plastic utensil – straws.

According to Iconoculture, Loliware is fundraising to develop a straw composed of ingestible seaweed-based material that is fully compostable, called the Lolistraw (Iconoculture, 2018). Standard plastic straws are made for single use and then typically end up in landfills or oceans. The founder, Chelsea Briganti, says that Lolistraws will also be more fun, encouraging more people to move towards the anti-plastic movement. Loliware is pitching Lolistraws to a variety of venues that have high plastic consumption rates such as stadiums, restaurants, and bars. Lolistraws also enhance your drinking experience with added nutrients and/or flavors that compliment your favorite beverages.

Other companies (e.g. Whole Foods, Chico Bag, and IKEA) are trying to help cut back on plastic as well. According to Worldwatch Institute, only 9% of post-consumer plastic was recycled in 2012 (Worldwatch Institute). By cutting back on plastic consumption and supporting these companies and causes, you can help cut down damages worldwide.