The Octopus Smartwatch – Help Teach Your Kids Good Habits

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As a parent, you may be faced with the struggle to get your children to develop good behaviors. Whether it be to take out the trash or to feed the animals, the urge to nag seems natural. Dr. Robert Myers, a clinical psychologist who has 25 years of experience dealing with children and adolescents, states that nagging your children too much can cause them to feel manipulated and incompetent (WeHaveKids). To prevent these negative consequences, a company called Joy has a solution – the Octopus smartwatch.

According to Iconoculture, the Octopus smartwatch tracks daily habits in kids in a fun way and puts them in charge of their own routines (Iconoculture, 2018). The Octopus smartwatch links time to events with over 700 icons that parents can program according to their child’s preferences and needs. The designers state that because it is picture-based, even young children who cannot read can understand what the various icons/pictures mean. You simply download the app, start setting icons, and begin tracking progress. The Octopus smartwatch is available in multiple colors and comes with a hypoallergenic wristband. The device also stores emergency information such as allergies, blood type, and contact information. The Octopus won the 2017 CES Innovation Award for its unique and helpful design.

Other companies (e.g. Mattel, gDIAPERS, and Loog) also have products that aim to make parenting easier and help children develop in fun ways. By choosing these companies and their products as a parent, you may be able to ease your daily workload and help your children develop in smart and fun ways.