Introducing Gen We

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As Millennials continue to age and flood the workplace, a new generation is emerging: Gen We. Ranging from 0-22 years old in 2018, Gen We has a set of unique characteristics that help them stand out from the previous generation. They are careful with costs, invent new ways of communicating in the digital world, are open to brands that act quickly, and are multi-culturally diverse.

According to Iconoculture, one of the foundational findings on Gen We is that they are individuality-oriented (Iconoculture, 2018). That is, they are not as concerned with fitting in as they are with creating and enjoying greater freedom to shape and test a personal identity that is unique to them. The top five values that Gen We shares are success, equality, authenticity, loyalty, and happiness. This carries into the work that they wish to do as well. Forbes states that 60% of the Gen We population wants to have a positive impact on the world and fully believe that social entrepreneurship is the career path for them.

Forbes Coaches Council recommends that if you have Gen We employees, you should know that technology is a way of life for them, they crave flexibility to innovate, they want a clear path to career success and fulfillment, and need constant stimulation. It is no wonder why this young generation stands out from others in the ways in which they wish to change the world for future generations.