Frequent Flyers at Risk for Greater Health Problems

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While traveling for work may be unavoidable for certain industries, research has come out that identifies frequent flyers at a greater risk for health issues. According to Iconoculture, employees who travel for business more than 14 days a month are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than those who travel six days or less (Iconoculture, 2018).

The reason for this is that those who frequently travel for business typically do not get enough exercise and have difficulty sleeping at night. Frequent business flyers also tend to become more dependent on alcohol due to free in-flight beverages and long nights in hotels. Additionally, frequent flyers are more prone to splurge on extra food because it’s either free or expensed. Although it may be viewed as a quick way to climb the corporate ladder to success, going the extra mile (literally) may cause more harm for you than you may think.

A great way to minimize health risks for frequent business flyers is to take responsibility for making healthy choices while you travel. Fast Company states that frequent flyers who make healthy decisions while they travel have stronger immune systems, have a lower risk of developing mental issues, and decrease their risk for obesity. Get to bed at a reasonable time and take frequent breaks. Stretch before and after flights. Bring healthy snacks along for the trip to keep yourself away from bad foods. Do this, and your body will thank you.