Escape Pods Provide Homeowners a Luxury Break Room

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Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular in the workforce every year. In fact, telecommuting, or working from home by making use of the internet, email, and telephone, has increased by over 115% in the last 10 years (FlexJobs). Although working from home has many perks (i.e. no commuting, lower real estate costs for employers, easier to watch over children), it may not always be as stress-free as some may think. It can be difficult to work and live in the same location and not have a quiet place to focus on work. Homeowners looking to add a productive space where they can focus now have a new option available that can help with this – Escape Pods.

A company called Podmakers Ltd. designs and builds what they call Escape Pods for homeowners (Iconoculture, 2018). Escape pods are made from birch plywood and oak, covered in cedar shingles, and are complete with windows, domed skylights, and doors. Podmakers Ltd. states that escape pods are earthy and organic in design. They are custom-built for each buyer and can be outfitted for use as an office, an art studio, a garden room, or a glamping cabin. Escape Pods have electricity, heating, and insulation. The pods can also be rotated so that sunlight is always coming in through the windows. The starting price to take a break in your very own Escape Pod is $27,000.

These escape pods are a great way to revolutionize working from home. They offer more flexible environments that help telecommuters step away from the distractions of home. O2Treehouse and Nelson Treehouse also offer other in-home getaways that serve a multitude of purposes.