Slim-By-Design Lunch Tray Tricks Kids into Eating Healthy

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Making nutritious lunches that kids will eat can be a frustrating task for health-conscious parents and schools. Often times, kids will eat all of the sugary treats in their lunches and toss away the fruits and veggies. In fact, schools across the nation waste an estimated $1.2 billion of food each year (NCBI). One creative author designed a helpful solution to this nationwide problem.

According to Iconoculture, Brian Wansink (author of Slim by Design) designed a lunch tray that was specifically created to motivate kids to eat healthier. The bright yellow and red trays make the starchy foods kids love to eat look huge and have smaller, but much deeper, compartments for fruits and veggies. The fruit and veggie compartments have cool pictures on the bottom that incentivize kids to finish off the healthier foods. The design tricks kids into thinking they are eating more tasty foods and less healthy foods. The trays are also designed to stack vertically in the dishwasher, saving washing costs up to 30%.

Other companies like Wise Apple look for ways to improve the eating habits of young kids during lunchtime with unique options such as delivering healthy lunches for kids right to your doorstep. By creating clever ways to get kids to eat nutritious lunches, we can significantly cut waste costs and allow for healthier diets that energize them at school.