Consumers Seeking Alternative Therapy

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Health enthusiasts regularly look for new ways they can implement unique products or procedures into their routines. One health habit that is becoming increasingly popular involves unconventional ways to bring about a wide array of benefits – cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures in medical therapy. One popular form of cryotherapy is where people will get into a cryochamber for a few minutes at a time where they will be exposed to freezing temperatures of minus 100 degrees C.

According to Iconoculture, cryotherapy has many benefits for consumers that range anywhere from physical fitness to mindfulness. One example of this that some may be familiar with is ice bathing. Athletes typically use this method of cryotherapy to improve their mindfulness and fight-or-flight responses, resulting in a clear and calm head. Cryotherapy has been proven to alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis. Advocates of cryotherapy also state that it can help curb the opioid overuse problem while offering the same level of pain management. “Frotox” is another form of cryotherapy that beauty enthusiasts are becoming big fans of. “Frotox” involves a machine that blows frigid air onto the face, concentrated in problematic areas to help achieve tighter and clearer skin.

Impact Cryotherapy and US Cryotherapy are companies involved in cryotherapy for helping health enthusiasts expand their routines for a healthier lifestyle. NCBI states that less expensive modes of cryotherapy (like ice packs) currently exist that offer comparable physiological and clinical effects to cryochambers and more extreme versions of the therapy. These alternative options could be for those who find themselves reluctant to step into an icy chamber for several minutes.