UK Millennials are Choosing to Hangout at Home Instead of Going to Clubs

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For many Millennials in the UK, partying used to be the norm. Clubbing was a common social event that would entice large amounts of Millennials to get out, be social, and have a good time. Although the scene was popular for quite some time, numbers have been declining quickly in recent years. According to Iconoculture, hundreds of clubs have been closed in the UK.

Millennials were asked from UK news company The Guardian via surveys why they stopped going to clubs so frequently. The overall response was that they would simply rather spend a night in than a night out. UK Millennials claimed that clubs are becoming too expensive to go to regularly. Clubs have also been perceived as impersonal and frustrating to socialize at due to the non-stop loud music. Another common response in the surveys was that social media has made it significantly easier to talk to friends, so clubs appear to be an outdated and time-consuming way to socialize.

Millennials are finding it much easier to stay at home, save money, and socialize in quieter and safer environments. The shifting perspective on clubbing and going out may cause clubs to evolve their business models if they want to retain Millennials. With Europe typically being ahead of the U.S. with social trends, it will be interesting to see when and how this trend shifts over to the U.S. in the upcoming years.