New Dads Can Now Wear Paternity Clothes

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Fatherhood is continuing to evolve every year for newer generations of parents. Fathers are becoming increasingly involved in child care and paternity leaves. In fact, Millennial fathers invest almost triple the amount of time that fathers provided back in 1965 on child care (Pew Research). Even though they are getting more involved, a large percentage still feel that they want to contribute more than what they currently do. These fathers want and need resources to help them be a bigger part of their children’s lives.

According to Iconculture, even though there have been diaper bags for men and paternity wear is a large industry, Father Figure is the first line of clothes specifically designed for the wear and tear of fatherhood (2018). Andrew Bentley, the company founder and new dad who appeared on Shark Tank, stresses that the idea was born out of necessity. Bentley found himself repeatedly losing burp bags at the worst times and would have to improvise with regular household items to keep up with his child. At one point, he bought a glue gun and put a loop on his t-shirt, putting burp rags in the loop. The loop became a signature feature on the Luca T-Shirt and the Booker Denim Shirt. This line of clothes has been growing steadily and makes for great gifts for new fathers. Consumers have stated that the clothes also help show mothers that they are a team and work together to raise a child.

Approximately 73% of the U.S. population believe that fatherlessness is the most significant family or social problem facing America (Fathers). With companies like Father Figure, men can continue to break the bad dad stereotypes and play a vital role in helping their children to grow and develop.