Workers Continue to Evolve with Flash Teams

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Technology has unified endless amounts of information that shift the ways in which we work. Each year, we see enormous change in how helpful technology can be in the workplace. In fact, about 90% of adults in the U.S. use the internet to help with their work (Pew Research). Today, people can form and dissolve entire companies with the click of a few buttons and the right resources.

According to Iconoculture, the concept of “Flash Organizations” is becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to evolve (2017). Flash Organizations are pop-up teams that come together quickly to accomplish a specific goal and then quickly disband after that goal has been reached. Crowd-hiring relies on the right algorithms to discover what talent would work best for the presented work. When it would normally take large amounts of time and money to bring together short-term contractors to do specific tasks, it is believed that forming team structures will soon only take a few days. This will cut down hiring, training, and monitoring costs for companies.

One example of this comes from Stanford’s online platform, Foundry, which identifies positions needed for projects and fills each role by emailing candidates. Candidates are emailed via Upwork, which is a global freelancer platform. Candidates are then hired automatically and assigned tasks through Slack, the messaging software. The process is quick and efficient. With these major changes occurring in the workforce, we can expect to see Flash Organizations more often.