App Gives Consumers Insight on Restaurants’ Noise Levels

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Many consumers face the frustration of loud restaurants. When trying to hold normal conversations and experience new places to eat, high noise levels in restaurants can inhibit the overall experience a person has. In fact, research shows that long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause noise-induced hearing loss (NoisyPlanet). This only adds to the list of reasons why people are avoiding loud restaurants. Fortunately, a new app is on the rise that helps to steer consumers away from noisy restaurants.

According to Iconoculture, an app called iHEARu has been created to help consumers prepare ahead of time to avoid noisy restaurants. iHEARu lets diners record and comment on the noise levels at various restaurants. The app operates very much like Yelp by providing feedback on a wide array of restaurants. Consumers can measure decibel levels using their smartphone’s microphone. They can then share that info publicly on the app. The founder and CEO, Kelly Tremblay, understands that not all noise levels are the same. She understands that it is more than just “noisy” or “not noisy”. The unique aspect of this app is that it helps provide a breakdown of time spent and noise levels in restaurants down to half-hour increments.

The Zagat Boston Restaurants Survey found that restaurant noise level is the number one irritant when consumers make decisions on where to eat (BostonGlobe). This appears to be an important issue for foodies and restaurant owners, so action is being taken to address this issue.