Parents Look to Dumbphone for Peace of Mind

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For years, parents have struggled with the timing of when to give their kids smartphones. Young children everywhere appear to be holding a smartphone or tablet, increasing the pressure on parents to buy their kids one as well. In fact, 75% of kids under the age of eight use mobile devices of some kind (FastCompany). Although smartphones provide a direct line of communication to parents, they can also come with problems. Smartphones give children access to the internet and apps that may be inappropriate or harmful to young children.

According to Iconoculture, the LightPhone 2 is a new ‘dumbphone’ for the smartphone age that parents can purchase for their kids that prevents access to harmful apps and websites. The LightPhone 2 restricts users to two simple functions: you are only able to send and receive calls and texts. Although the device may not do much, users state that the phone is incredibly fast, allowing instant communications over a 4G network.

The LightPhone 1 had a previously successful launch of 10,000 users. The company then launched an Indiegogo campaign for LightPhone 2 funding. The LightPhone 2 has already raised three times as much of its $250,000 goal by offering a pre-order price of $250 for a single phone. Although the LightPhone 2 has a long way to go to catch up to other smartphone brands, its popularity continues to draw in more hopeful parents.