Doctors are Now Able to Coordinate Rides for Patients with Uber Health

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Uber has become an immensely popular ride-share service for people all over the U.S.. In fact, over 10 million Uber rides are taken every day (ExpandedRamblings). With the growing popularity of Uber, the business model has evolved beyond just personal use.

According to Iconoculture, Uber now allows healthcare providers at clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, etc. to assign rides for patients and clients from a central Uber Health dashboard. Patient riders do not need to have the Uber app installed or even own a smartphone. Uber Health General Manager Chris Weber states that 3.6 million Americans, or one-third of all patients, miss medical appointments because they lack reliable transportation. Uber Health services are already being utilized by over 100 healthcare organizations.

Providers are simply billed the cost of individual rides, but the associated dashboard and reporting tools are free and completely compatible with most existing patient management software. After providers input client and ride information into the central dashboard, patients are texted with an alert that the ride has been booked. Uber is also currently working on making this information available through voice calls and printouts. With over 55% of the U.S. population having access to Uber, Uber Health appears to be a good option to help get more people to their healthcare providers (StatisticBrain).