New and Expecting Moms Gravitating Towards Marijuana to Help With Stress

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According to Iconoculture, many women are looking to marijuana products to help ease the stressors of pregnancy and motherhood. Often times, these women use marijuana-based products like cannabidiol (CBD) oils and lotions to help ease morning sickness. After the kids are born, many continue to use it. The growing popularity of these products has led to a number of companies offering comforting solutions to women.

Mother & Clone, a cannabis company, sells sublingual sprays that deliver nano-doses of cannabis, impossible to overdo, that come in childproof bottles. Leslie Siu, the founder, states that a lot of postpartum depression and anxiety sufferers develop terrible insomnia even if the baby starts to sleep through the night. Other women use CBD tinctures from Papa & Barkley as healing balms. Users suggest that using CBD oil can ease a variety of issues including pain and anxiety.

Thirty states and the District of Columbia currently have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form, resulting in an increased number of marijuana-using individuals over the last couple years (Governing). These factors all contribute to the growing popularity of marijuana-based product usage in new and upcoming moms.