New Class on Happiness at Yale Breaks Record Enrollment

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Young individuals may be making radical changes in the world, but they are starting to feel the pressures that come with adult life. Choosing the right career path, being accepted by peers, having time to partake in hobbies, and affording to pay rent are a few of the stressors these individuals face. Fortunately, Yale University has stepped in to help reduce the stressors that these young individuals are facing today.

According to Iconoculture, Yale University is now offering a class called Psychology and the Good Life, which aims to teach students how to lead happier, more satisfying lives. The class enrollment rates have broken university records as students eagerly race to land a spot in the class. Within three days of open enrollment, 1,200 students had signed up for the course. Laurie Santos, Yale instructor, stated that students genuinely want to change themselves and contribute to the positive culture on campus. The class teaches practical tools for self-improvement, and includes a final project called “Hack Yo’ Self” that encourages students to utilize what they have learned in class.

Scientists suggest that happiness is a vital part of living a fulfilling and successful life, and that people often misunderstand what they need in order to be happy. In fact, 90% of our long-term happiness can be predicted by our attitude and perception of the world around us (Shawn Achor). With more universities like Yale and Stanford offering classes on happiness, individuals now have additional options to learn more about tackling stressors in adult life.