Millennials Prioritize Self-Care With Designated Spaces in their Homes

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While homes can provide privacy and security from the outside world, they may not always be the best places to decompress and relax. With the stressors of adult life continuing to grow, more individuals are looking for helpful self-care options, especially at home.

According to Iconoculture, more Millennials are constructing self-care spaces at home to help them decompress and recharge from the stressors they face every day. Millennials are becoming exceptionally mindful about how their spaces make them feel, specifically seeking out accents that create a sense of serenity and sanctuary amid a storm of social, political, and economic stress. One route that homeowners are taking is the construction of rooms and spaces specifically designated for mindfulness and destressing. This includes craft corners, reading nooks, and yoga rooms. For those with limited spaces and funds, accents like candles, flowers, and upholstery can do the trick of creating an oasis.

Benefits of regularly used self-care areas at home include reduced anxiety, reduced depression rates, improved cognitive functioning, and a stronger immune system (Forbes). The increased importance of the home as a sanctuary speaks to the desire to bring escapism into all elements of home design – a trend being driven largely by mental-health prioritizing Millennials.