Proud Tween Captures Hearts with Her Inspirational Clothing Line

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Gen We entrepreneur Kheris Rogers was bullied for her dark skin tone, but instead of letting the negativity consume her, she turned her experiences into a popular business. According to Iconoculture, at only age 11, Rogers has acquired over 82,000 Instagram followers who support her #FlexinInMyComplexion inspirational message and T-shirt business.

“Flexin’ in my complexion” is Rogers’ way of encouraging young people of color to stand tall with pride in their skin tone. Her T-shirt line mainly targets kids and features the slogan across the front, but also appeals to older consumers. Since the launch in 2017, Rogers has also started selling adult clothing and baby bibs. Lupita Nyong’o was photographed in a FlexinInMyComplexion shirt, and Alicia Keys even praised the message on social media.

Colorism is a major topic of discussion within the black community. These fashions came out at a time when African Americans were looking for ways to glorify positivity and combat discrimination. Other companies and brands are likely to follow in Rogers’ footsteps to help create a positive and impactful brand that practices and preaches diversity and equality. One example of this is Kaiser Permanente. The entire company has no racial majority and is regularly recognized as having a culture of equality and diversity.