Kids Have Fun and Stay Safe on the Grom Social Media Network

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Since the creation of social media, parents and developers have been searching for the holy grail: G-rated social media networks that are both fun and safe for kids. Children showed disapproval to early social media sites, while more recent apps like Sarahah evolved into cyber-bullying.

According to Iconoculture, a new social media site called Grom Social, founded by Zack Marks, is growing in popularity, and may just be what parents, developers, and kids are looking for. At 11 years old, Marks had an idea to create a fun and cool site for kids that was also made by kids. Now 17, Marks can reflect on all the hard work he and his family put into the site. Grom Social, named after a slang term for surfers, now boasts over 15 million users.

Grom Social is meant to be a sort of introduction and training platform for other social media sites, according to Marks. There are critical safeguards that come with Grom Social which include parental signup requirements and background checks. Users are also assigned a group of trained staff members that they can call 24/7 to monitor any issues.

Once signed up, young users are able to connect with their friends, play games, watch videos, and learn how to be good digital citizens. Grom Social may be a great option for parents who are indecisive or fearful of letting their kids get on social media.