The First Edible Straw Aims to Replace the 500 Millions in the U.S. Straws Used Each Day

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For many years now, Americans are expressing concern for the state of our environment, with plastic being a specific area of concern given the alarming states of reality such the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

It is estimated that only 14% of plastic is currently recycled and that 9 million tons of plastic enter oceans each year. In fact, by 2050 there could very well be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans (FastCompany, 2017)!

Industrial designers, food scientists, and Loliware founders Leigh Ann and Chelsea built their company to solve a sustainability problem that many people are unaware of: plastic straws cannot be recycled because they are too small. Straws often end up in landfills contributing to the millions of tons of plastic headed for oceans each year.

Lolistraw was created to turn these statistics around with the goal to replace the 500 million plastic straws used daily in the U.S. with the first edible, non-toxic, non-GMO, 100% compostable, marinedegradeable straw manufactured out of seaweed. They can even be embedded with flavors like citrus, vanilla dust, rose quartz, heliotrope, sparkling ocean, carbon (with coconut charcoal for detox), and air (with a 1:1 hypercompostable replacement ratio).

The straw is designed to disappear into soil within 60 days and lasts up to 24 hours after use. Unlike many bioplastics, Lolistraw is made from seaweed because it is a renewable resource that conveniently absorbs carbon dioxide (a harmful greenhouse gas produced by burning carbon and organic compounds).

Loliware has an ambitious but admirable mission: to completely remove plastic straw waste from streams leading to the ocean with their new innovative product.