Millennials Are Turning to At-Home Yoga Practice for Well-Being and Relaxation

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Instead of escaping to a spa or saving up for an expensive vacation, individuals ages 22 to 37 are transforming rooms into private retreat spaces where they can feel at ease in the comfort of their homes (The Seattle Times, March 2018).

Although many prefer to practice in a studio with friends and hands-on instruction, monthly membership at studios can cost anywhere from $45 to $200! Many think that this sum could be put to better use creating a beautiful at-home studio and a convenient routine.

Consumers have shown preference for practicing yoga at home with YouTube videos. There are a few channels that are particularly noteworthy: TaraStiles, Yoga with Adriene, and Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga. TaraStiles provides positions that are easy to learn and follow and has a website where people can download full courses for $15. Adriene Mishler’s channel offers yoga series for specific topics like Yoga for Stress Management, Yoga for Weightloss, and 30 Day Yoga Journey. Adriene also has a website with online yoga videos for purchase, a blog of vegetarian recipes, and merchandise. Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga is primarily for yogis at the intermediate or advanced level or those looking for a challenge. Ali also offers diet and weight loss tips, a blog, recipes and free classes on her website.

Each yogi will require and look for different things in a YouTube channel, so it would be beneficial to checkout as many different channels and videos as possible and only increase level of difficulty if comfortable.



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