Baby Boomers are Actively Prioritizing Their Health as They Age

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A lot of Boomers are experiencing a reality check and realizing that proactive measures are required for them to remain healthy and autonomous. As seniors, especially those struggling with obesity and more serious conditions, many are encountering health complications and are struggling to live a full and self-sufficient life.

To avoid sacrificing time with family and friends and fulfilling activities, Boomers are motivated by independence to maintain a healthy diet and physique. This value sets this generation apart from others and is most reflected in individuals who stand out amongst their age group as more health-conscious.

Most Boomers are realistic about their health goals and set easily attainable objectives for more sustainable results. Many try to attend more health screenings and engage in healthy eating habits. Research suggests that women within this age group are more likely to maintain healthy practices than men. A study analyzing consumers ages 54 to 72 found 78% of women prioritize healthy eating compared to 66% of men.

There are roadblocks keeping some Boomers from achieving their health goals. Many find it difficult to focus on their health as most are working full-time and a rising number of Boomers are providing unpaid care to their parents. Additionally, insufficient health coverage and expensive healthcare plans may be keeping some Boomers from accessing needed periodical medical consultations.